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UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department will be holding its 4th annual CSE Research Open House on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at the CSE Building (EBU 3B). This day-long event will highlight CSE Graduate research; provide networking for Industry, Alumni, and Graduate students; and provide an opportunity to explore the broad range of research that is being done by Faculty and Students at CSE.

Open-Source, On-Farm Systems for Precision Agriculture Applications

CSE 1242
Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/93023778813

In this presentation, we overview UCSB SmartFarm. SmartFarm is an open source computing system that combines data from a variety of sensors, integrates recent advances in data analytics, machine learning, and user interfaces (compatible with those available from public clouds), and implements support for automatic self-management and fault resilience, precluding the need for an IT staff to maintain the system. SmartFarm combines these technologies to provide on-farm decision support for growers and to automate and inform precision agriculture solutions and farm operations.

Chandra Krintz is a Professor of Computer Science (CS) at UC Santa Barbara and Chief Scientist at AppScale Systems Inc. Chandra holds M.S./Ph.D. degrees in CS from UC San Diego. Chandra's research interests include programming systems, cloud and big data computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Chandra has supervised and mentored over 70 students, has published her work in a wide range of top venues, is the recipient of multiple teaching and research awards, and has led several educational and outreach programs that introduce computer science to young people.

Keynote Speaker

Chandra Krintz

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Poster Session

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In-Depth Research Area Sessions

Time Talks
Session 1 10:30am - 11:25am Program and Languages (CSE 1202)
Faculty: Nadia Polikarpova
  • Nicolas Lehmann
  • Shraddha Govind Barke
  • John Renner

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/98856273870

10:30am - 11:25am Architecture (CSE 4140)
Faculty: Dean Tullsen
  • Zixuan Wang
  • Jennifer Switzer
  • Zhiyuan Guo

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/96535456811

10:30am - 11:25am Artificial Intelligence (CSE 1242)
Faculty: Taylor Berg-kirkpatrick
  • Jiarui Xu
  • Mayank Sharan
  • Sophia Sun
  • Yao-Yuan Yang

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/93023778813

Session 2 11:30am - 12:30pm Sysnet (CSE 1242)
Faculty: Aaron Schulman
  • Lixiang Ao
  • Alisha Ukani
  • Enze Alex Liu

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/92080926798

11:30am - 12:30pm Embedded Systems (CSE 1202)
Faculty: Sicun Gao
  • Xiyuan Zhang
  • Gabriel Marcano
  • Ranak Roy Chowdhury
  • Olivia Weng

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/8421399357

Session 3 1:30pm - 2:25pm Robotics (CSE 1242)
Faculty: Henrik Christensen
  • Sachiko Matsumot
  • Zhiao Huang
  • David Paz-Ruiz

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/93023778813

1:30pm - 2:25pm Vision and Graphics (CSE 4140)
Faculty: Manmohan Chandraker
  • Albert Chern
  • Yu-Ying Yeh
  • Alexandr Kuznetsov

Zoom: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/99276027051
Passcode: 033022

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Jocelyn Joyce Bernardo

Events Coordinator & Business Affairs Administrator