Poster Session

Poster Presenters Poster Titles
Chen Cai Convergence of Invariant Graph Networks
Mayank Sharan Taming the Long Tail of Deep Probabilistic Forecasting
Rishikanth Chandrasekaran FHDnn: Communication Efficient and Robust Federated Learning For AIoT Networks
Tarun Kalluri MemSAC: Memory Augmented Sample Consistency for Many-Class Domain Adaptation
Marcus Fedarko Analyzing rare mutations in metagenomes assembled using long and accurate reads
Chen Chen, Matin Yarmand, Varun Singh, Nadir Weibel VRContour: Bringing Contour Delineations of Medical Structures Into Virtual Reality
Sophia Sun Probabilistic Symmetry for Improved Trajectory Forecasting
Kai-En Lin Vision Transformer for NeRF-Based View Synthesis from a Single Input Image
Alyssa Kubota Cognitively Assistive Robots at Home: Interaction Design Patterns for Translational Science
Christopher D'Ambrosia SCALPEL Please: On-line Task Performance and Biometric Data Analysis for Teleoperated Robotics in Surgical Operating Rooms
Tongzhou Mu ManiSkill: Generalizable Manipulation Skill Benchmark with Large-Scale Demonstrations
Maryam Pourebadi; Laurel D. Riek Stroke Modeling and Synthesis for Robotic and Virtual Patient Simulators
Hui Shi Learning Bounded Context-Free-Grammar via LSTM and the Transformer: Difference and Explanations
Dheeraj Mekala Coarse2Fine: Fine-grained Text Classification on Coarsely-grained Annotated Data
Hayden McTavish Fast Sparse Decision Tree Optimization via Reference Ensembles
Geelon So; Gaurav Mahajan Convergence of online k-means
Alex Chow; Maryam Pourebadi; Alyssa Kubota; Laurel Riek Utilizing Robots to Improve Post-Stroke Gait Rehabilitation
Leon Li IC Obfuscation Through Sequential History to Combat Reverse Engineering and Fault Injection Attacks
Hengyuan Zhang; Jing-Yan Liao; David Paz Robust Human Identity Anonymization using Pose Estimation
Xu Yi Zhuque: Failure is Not an Option, it's an Exception
Pratik Rajendra Ratadiya Hardware Fingerprinting-based Anomaly Detection for Identification of Hidden Devices in an Environment
Zhi Wang Multitask Bandit Learning Through Heterogeneous Feedback Aggregation
Xiaohan Fu Security and Privacy in Building Control
Liu Hsin-Yu Safe HVAC Control via Batch Reinforcement Learning